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Rough Cut and Ready Dubbed
DVD 2005

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With Unique Footage of 3MEN+Black

Documentary exploring the post-punk era of the late seventies and early eighties. Features the looks, poses and rifts between the bands, and their fans.

DVD Features: • Special Feature Information:
° Rough Cut And Ready Dubbed Revisited
° Directors Interview
• Aspect Ratio: 4:3
• Available Audio Tracks: Dolby Digital
• Main Language: English

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New website
To Launch their new website, for a limited period you can down load the video of 3MEN+Black taken from the DVD Rough Cut & Ready Dubbed and filmed at Brighton

The original footage seems to have been cleaned up and enhanced. How they improved it I don't know. But the best bit is the new Revisited section at the end with a song from 3MEN+Black filmed at a live concert in Brighton last year. The original She Grew Up by SLF is done acoustically by 3MEN+Black, who are Jake Burns, Bruce Foxton from the Jam, and Pauline Black and Nick Welsh of the Selecter. A shame that JJ Burnel from the Stranglers or Dave Wakeling from The Beat, who also join the band from time to time as well as appearing on the 3MEN+Black Acoustic Album are not with them at Brighton. But a very moving end to a great Documentary video
Great interviews and a wicked gig riot at an SLF gig in the middle

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Rough Cut and Ready Dubbed
DVD 2005

Rough Cut £ Ready Dubbed DVD Cover
With Unique Footage of 3MEN+Black

List Price £15.99
Our Price £14.39

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