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An acoustic walk through the music and influences of a generation of late 70's and 80's these writers, performers, musicians and icons are renowned for paving the way of youth culture at the time. The honest, aggressive and energetic lyrics of over 40 self penned hits are appreciated by a whole new fan base in this acoustic format. An informal gathering of musicians , backing, improvising and enjoying the songs and stories they have experienced.
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To Launch their new website, for a limited period you can down load the video of 3MEN+Black taken from the DVD Rough Cut & Ready Dubbed and filmed at Brighton

Bob Geldof Tour Dates Autumn 2005 Tour Dates

2001 Debut Tour Photos
Jake Burns - JJ Burnel - Pauline Black - Nick Welsh

Bob Geldof Tour Dates3MEN+Black! Studio Album
Jake Burns - JJ Burnel - Bruce Foxton - Pauline Black - Nick Welsh

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In 2004 Dave Wakeling of The Beat, joined Jake Burns from Stiff Little Fingers and Pauline Black and Nick Welsh from The Selecter
Songs that were performed included Missing Words, Skin Deep, Wasted Life, Harp, Too Much Pressure, Nobodies Hero, On my Radio, Nobody's Hero, Going Underground, Eton Rifles, A Town called Malice, All Around The World, Mirror in the Bathroom & Tears of a Clown, all written or Co-written by members of the band, as well as songs by other Artists who have inspired the band over the years, such as Hawkwinds' Quark Strangeness and Charm and Bob Marleys' Redemption Song.

Bob Geldof Tour Dates 2004 Tour - Live Photos & Reviews
Jake Burns - Dave Wakeling - Pauline Black - Nick Welsh

FEB 2005. A One Off 2TONE Special
Pauline Black, Nick Welsh and Dave Wakeling were joined by Roddy 'Radiation' Byers from The Specials and Rhoda Dhakar from The Specials AKA
The coming together of the songwriters and front personnel of bands that formed the label - music genre of the time, 25years on.
UNSEEN and UNHEARD all together with their scatter brain stories and songs acoustically done.
with the songwriters & front people from ALL THE BANDS ON 2TONE
Bob Geldof Tour Dates 2005 2Tone Special Tour
Tour Reviews

Read an interview with Pauline Black on The History and idea of 3MEN+Black
by Katy Lewis, Online Broadcast Journalist BBC Beds, Herts & Bucks Website

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Photo of Pauline Black & Nick Welsh
Pauline Black & Nick Welsh

Photo of Bruce Foxton
Bruce Foxton

Photo of Dave Wakeling
Dave Wakeling

Photo of Jake Burns
Jake Burns

  • Jake Burns is the only original member in SLFs current line-up. The primary songwriter and vocalist throughout, he's the heart and soul of SLF. After SLF split in '83, he formed a group called Jake Burns and The Big Wheel, and later worked as a producer at BBC Radio One. His musical influences include The Clash, Elvis Costello, Graham Parker, Dr. Feelgood, and Bob Marley. He's appeared on television several times. He played a supporting role in the television movie Iris in the Traffic--Ruby in the Rain, (in which SLF performed one song,) and he's been a guest on several quiz shows over the years. It's been said he has a photographic memory. Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, he now lives in Newcastle, England.
  • John Jaque Burnel has been the songwriting and identifiable bassist of The Stranglers, for 26 years
  • Pauline Black the front 'woman in the mighty ska - 2 tone giants Selector, she is joined by Nick Welsh the guitarist from Selector. They presently have an acoustic album out called Unplugged from The Rude Boy Generation
  • Nick Welsh is probably best known for being the bassist in The Selecter and formerly Bad Manners but he has worked with some of the biggest names in Ska and Reggae, Prince Buster, Laurel Aitken, Rico Rodriguez, Dave Barker & most recently Lee "Scratch" Perry with whom he received a Grammy Award Certificate for his work on the CD Jamaican ET which won The Best Reggae Category in 2002. Nick also writes music for TV which has been used world-wide on shows as diverse as WWE (world wrestling entertainment), The Osbournes and even adverts for Ariel soap powder!
  • Bruce Foxton isn't comfortable unless he's working his arse off. "Jake and myself have also got into writing library music for ads and so on, and we're working on a new CD-ROM game. I'm also representing a young rock/funk band, called Headnoise. They'll be doing a couple of dates with SLF on tour in March."
Dave Wakeling. The (English) Beat entered the music scene in 1979. The six member band consisted of Dave Wakeling (vocals & guitar), David Steele (bass), Andy Cox (guitar), Everett Morton (drums), Saxa (saxophone) and Ranking Roger (vocals). The band managed to fuse all of their respective musical influences - soul, reggae, pop and punk - into a unique sound that was highly danceable. Along with contemporaries such as The Specials, The Selecter and Madness, The Beat became one of the most popular and influential bands of the British Ska movement.
Over the course of the three albums, The Beat acheived great success in their home country, charting several singles into the top 10. Although the band was never able to duplicate their UK chart success in America, they did find a solid base of young fans eager to dance to the band's hypnotic rhythms. Their constant touring with bands such as The Clash and The Police helped to boost their popularity. In 1983, after the release of their third album, "Special Beat Service", the band broke up due to artistic differences.
It was at that point that Dave Wakeling and Ranking Roger recuited Stoker (drums) and Mickey Billingham (keyboards) of Dexy's Midnight Runners and Horace Panter (bass) of The Specials and formed General Public. Their first album "...All The Rage" included a guest appearance by former Clash guitarist Mick Jones. After the fantastic success of "...All The Rage", the band spent two years writing and recording their follow-up. Although "Hand to Mouth" did not fare as well as the first album, it did spawn two singles, "Too Much or Nothing" and "Come Again".

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