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featuring top Zimbabwean vocalists

Portia & Simba
the glamorous dancing queens.

"Rekindling the haunting sound of Paul Simons' Gracelands album."........The Guardian.

An independent Thirteen-member band from Africa, Zimbabwe. Hohodza are an act to reckon with, with Portia P. Gwanzura, Simbarashe Mudzingwa and Innocent Farai on lead vocals, Takuwara Nyamushamba on lead guitar, Patson Nyakudya on keyboards, Norman Muza on Mbira, Clement Musekiwa on Bass, George Chereni on drums, Ngwadzai Mhangira the sound Engineer, Leo Katina as the king dancer and marimba and Lloyd Mapfumo (Snake) the only boy band member, hyperactive and plain idiotic enough not to care about being cool dancer. The girls are Jane Josiah, Evelyn Magwenzi, Rena Mandizera, Nyarai Nyamatanga, and Esnath Sanangura. All the girls do the backing vocals.

Hohodza 2004 Tour Dates
Interview with Portia
from The Times
in which she talks of life & politics in Zimbabwe before she fled to the UK.

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From The Album Chaitemura

One of the main reasons why Portia started the band was to promote Zimbabwean culture, as well as to provide some kind of gainful employment.
They have released ten albums so far, with Portia composing most of the songs herself and some are done by some of the band members. Our songs are written and arranged to suit dance routines practiced Zimbabwe and very educative too.
They have played in South Africa, Belgium, England, Wales, and Holland where they received wide acclaim and the reception was incredible. They touch people’s hearts. Theshows were excellent, the experience was wonderful. They also played at the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games in Manchester.
Their Mission always is to leave audiences spellbound at every performance, always managing to keep their fans on their toes and bagging for more.
While on European tour thousands attended their shows and they had similar audiences in Zimbabwe. The girls always keep the audience on their feet with their unique dancing antics.
They have also shared the stage with international artists like Clarence Carter from America, Koffi Olominde, Kanda Bongoman, Alan kounkue and Yondo sister who are all based in France and other top African artists from around the world.
As a 15-member group they are specialized in different forms of Zimbabwean traditional dancing such as Mhande, Jiti-Chinungu, Shangara, Zihwere, Madanha, Chinyambera, Muchongoyo, Chimutare, Ingwenyama, Mbakumba, Shield Dance, Jerusarema (Mbende) and the Spiritual dance.

“When people come to our shows, we want them to get a feel of our traditional values and when they visit our original country, they will feel as if they have visited it before.”

Hohodza 2005 Tour Dates

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