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Requiem for a Black Soul ~Selecter
Charly (Audio CD) - February 2, 2004

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Track Listings
1. Black Is...
2. Requiem For A Black Soul
3. Ten Years
4. Homebound Train
5. Gone, Gone, Gone (Gone)
6. Black And White
7. Heavy Science
8. Government Man
9. Rewind The World
10. Redemption Song

Unplugged for The Rude Boy Generation ~The Selecter

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Track Listings
1. Doors of My Heart
2. Missing Words
3. Israelites
4. Unbeaten and Unbowed
5. Whisper
6. Do Nothing
7. Heavy Rain
8. Symphony of Love
9. Midnight Rider
10. Tide Is High
11. Blood and Fire
12. Roll the Dice

On My Radio ~The Selecter

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Track Listings
1. On My Radio
2. Madness
3. Selecter
4. I Can See Clearly Now
5. Something's Burning
6. Coming Up
7. Three Minute Hero [Live]
8. Too Much Pressure [Live]
9. Missing Words [Live]
10. Celebrate the Bullet [Live]
11. Out on the Streets [Live]
12. Train to Skaville [Live]
13. Rough Rider [Live]
14. Carry Go Bring Come [Live]
15. On My Radio [Rad Mix]
16. Madness [Tuff Mix]

Greatest Hits ~ Selecter
Emi Gold (Audio CD) - May 30, 1996

Our Price: £3.33
Used & New from £2.95
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Track Listing
1. Three Minute Hero
2. Too Much Pressure
3. Celebrate the Bullet
4. Bomb Scare
5. Deep Water
6. Time Hard
7. They Make Me Mad
8. Bristol and Miami
9. Missing Words
10. James Bond
11. On My Radio
12. Whisper
13. Carry Go Bring Home
14. Murder
15. Washed up and Left for Dead
16. Last Tango in Dub
Too Much Pressure ~Selecter
Captain Mod (Audio CD) - November 3, 2003

Our Price: £10.99
Used & New from £7.98
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Track Listings
1. Three Minute Hero
2. Everyday
3. They Make Me Mad
4. Missing Words
5. Danger
6. Street Feeling
7. My Collie (Not a Dog)
8. Too Much Pressure
9. Murder
10. Out on the Streets
11. Carry Go Bring Come
12. Black and Blue
13. James Bond
14. Selector
15. On My Radio
16. Too Much Pressure [Single]
The Selecter - Live In London [2003]
Secret Records Ltd
DVD - July 21, 2003

Our Price: £14.24
Used & New from £6.99
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Track Listing:
The Selecter
Three Minute Hero
Musical Servant
The Whisper
Respect Yourself
Missing Words
Celebrate the Bullet
Train to Skaville
Street Feeling
James Bond
On My Radio
Too Much Pressure
Carry Go Bring Come
My Sweet Collie
Rough Cut And Ready Dubbed [1981]
Imagine Home Entertainments
VHS Tape - January 24, 2000
Used & New from £19.99
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An award-winning music video featuring several acts, including Patrik Fitzgerald, Stiff Little Fingers, Sham 69, Purple Hearts, Selecter, A Certain Ratio and Johnny G, plus interview footage.
Celebrate the Bullet ~Selecter
Captain Oi (Audio CD) - June 18, 2001

Our Price: £10.99
Used & New from £7.97
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Track Listings
1. (Who Likes) Facing Situations
2. Deepwater
3. Red Reflections
4. Tell Me What's Wrong
5. Bombscare
6. Washed Up and Left for Dead
7. Celebrate the Bullet
8. Selling Out Your Future
9. Cool Blue Lady
10. Their Dream Goes On
11. Bristol and Miami
12. Whisper [*]
13. Train the Skaville [*]
14. Last Tango in Dub [*]
15. Train to Skaville [12'' Version][*]
Hairspray ~Selecter
Triple X (Audio CD) - October 1995

Our Price: £12.99
Used & New from £5.66
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Track Listing
1. My Perfect World
2. Hearsay
3. Die Happy
4. Sugar Town
5. Hairspray
6. Choclate Whip
7. Not So Tall
8. Then She Did
9. Rainy Day Women #12 & 35
10. Vicky's Magic Garden
Street Feeling ~Selecter
Castle (Audio CD) - December 13, 2004

Our Price: £8.99
Used & New from £6.40
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