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Geno Washington & The Ram Jam Band
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Foot Stompin Soul
Geno Washington & The Ram Jam Band

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Track Listings
Disc: 1
1. Philly Dog
2. Ride Your Pony
3. Uptight
4. I'm A Road Runner
5. Hold On I'm Comin'
6. Don't Fight It
7. Land Of A Thousand Dances
8. Respect
9. Willy Nilly
10. Get Down With It
11. You Don't Know Like I Know
12. Herk's Works
13. Day Tripper/I Can't Turn You Loose
14. You Left The Water Running
15. In The Midnight Hour
16. High Heel Sneekers
17. Shotgun
18. It's A Wonder
19. Wild Thing
20. I Take What I Want
21. Gimme A Little Sign/Raise Your Hand
22. Rock Me Baby
23. I Get So Excited
24. Medley
25. Jumpin' Jack Flash
Disc: 2
1. Water
2. Understanding
3. Hi Hi Hazel
4. Beach Bash
5. Que Sera Sera
6. Michael (The Lover)
7. I Gotta Hold On To My Love
8. If You Knew
9. She Shot A Hole In My Soul
10. I've Been Hurt By Love
11. Tell It Like It Is
12. Different Strokes
13. You Got Me Hummin'
14. Raise Your Hand
15. Use Me
16. Knock On Wood
17. Never Like This Before
18. I'm Your Puppet
19. I Can't Quit Her
20. Put Out The Fire Baby
21. I Can't Let You Go
22. Bring It To Me Baby
23. My Little Chickadee
24. Seven Eleven
25. Alison Please
26. Feeling So Good (Skooby Doo)
27. Dirty Dirty
28. If This Is Love I'd Rather Be Lonely

My Bombers My Dexys My Highs
Geno Washington & The Ram Jam Band

Sequel (Audio CD) - November 16, 1998

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Track Listing
Disc: 1
1. Water
2. Understanding
3. Hi! Hi! Hazel
4. Beach Bash
5. Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)
6. All I Need
7. Michael (The Lover)
8. (I Gotta) Hold on to My Love
9. Always
10. If You Knew
11. She Shot a Hole in My Soul
12. I've Been Hurt by Love
13. Tell It Like It Is
14. Girl I Want to Marry You
15. Different Strokes
16. You Got Me Hummin'
17. I Can't Quit Her
18. Put out the Fire, Baby
19. I Can't Let You Go
20. Bring It to Me Baby
21. (Would You Believe) My Little Chickadee
22. Seven Eleven
23. Alison Please
24. Each and Every Part of Me
25. Feeling So Good (Skooby Doo)
26. Dirty, Dirty
27. Give 'Em a Hand
Disc: 2
1. Raise Your Hand
2. You Got Me Hummin'
3. Three Time Loser
4. Tell It Like It Is
5. Use Me
6. Understanding/Turn It Over
7. Knock on Wood
8. Bonie Moronie
9. Never Like This Before
10. I'm Your Puppet
11. Who's Foolin' Who
12. (I Gotta) Hold on to My Love
13. If This Is Love (I'd Rather Be Lonely)
14. Going Back
15. Listen to My Love Song That Ain't Got a Rhyme
16. Careful Not to Break the Spell
17. I Was Kaiser Bill's Batman
18. Boomerang
19. She's All I've Got
20. Summer Fever

This is a great album. It's got loads of good stuff on, and it also had the Shake a Tail Feather album attached, which of course features Bonie Maroney which is my fave Geno track. The man has a fantastic voice and it comes through on this stuff. Well worth a dabble after you've been to see him. Wholeheartedly recommended !

The Return of the G Geno Washington
Kookooland (Audio CD) - May 26, 2003

Our Price: £12.99
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Track Listings
1. Memicelfandi
2. Walkin With The Gods
3. Genie In A Bottle
4. Paradise Jam
5. Blues Master
6. Feel Alright
7. Dr Superlove
8. Chill It Up
9. Spot on My Rocket


Having been a fan since his Ram Jam Band days in the 60's ,his live sets were a joy to be part of.Imagine my surprise when buying this CD that the content is definitely not of the 60's.
The opening track MEMICELFANDI sets a mood of husky soul with searing guitars which surprises and ,given what you might expect..not...barnstorming 60's soul..WALKING WITH THE GODS is even more surprising with a great latin dance beat.The album runs the whole musical gamut with stand out tracks BLUES MASTER with a distinct Howlin' Wolf feel and CHILL IT UP with more latin beats and a good party feel.
If you catch him live ,he probably won't play this album set which is a pity ...make no mistake Geno is BACK!!!!

Change Your Thoughts You Change Your Life
Geno Washington & The Purple Aces

Thunderbird (Audio CD) - February 19, 2001

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Track Listings
1. Change Your Thoughts You Change Your Life
2. Uncle Leo
3. Blues Man Cryin'
4. Wheels of Life
5. Wake Me When the Morning Comes
6. Bad Love
7. Blues Walks With Me
8. 99 Years
9. Meet Me at the Crossroads
10. Love for Sale
11. Mr. Policeman

Blues Walks With Me ~ Geno Washington
Thunderbird Records (Audio CD) - October 26, 1998
Used & New from £5.00
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Geno Washington And The Blues Question - What's In The Pot?
[1997] Quantum Leap Group Limited

VHS Tape
March 23, 1998
Our Price: £12.99
Used & New from £6.75
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October 15, 2001
Our Price: £14.24
Used & New from £1.48
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Geno Washington and the tracklist: 'Sneakers', 'Chooche', 'Baby', 'Everybody', 'Lucille', 'Jive', 'Slow', 'Rooster' and 'Mojo'


Books Available written by Geno Washington

Blood Brothers (Bloodlines S.) ~Geno Washington
The Do-Not Press
Paperback - October 1998

Set in the troubled late 1960s, this is the debut novel from celebrated ''60s soul-star Geno Washington. The Blood Brothers follows the exploits of Afro-American Vietnam vet Rickie Lee, thrust into a world of danger and intrigue.'
Our Price: £6.50
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Whats in the Pot ~Geno Washington
Audiovisual Enterprises Ltd.
Unknown Binding - December 31, 1998

Our Price: £12.99
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