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Where Rivers Meet ~ Kiki Dee & Carmelo Luggeri
Tickety Boo (Audio CD) - November 2, 1995

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Track Listings
1. Pretty tune
2. Wild as can be
3. One and only love
4. Reunion
5. Heal me now
6. I've run dry
7. Amen and goodbye
8. Under the night sky
9. Salty water
10. Colour me blue
11. Till we meet again
12. Wake me from this sleep
Amoureuse ~ Kiki Dee
Spectrum (Audio CD)
March 1996

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Used & New from £3.00
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Track Listings
1. Amoureuse
2. Lovin' and free
3. Chicago
4. I got the music in me
5. You don't know How glad I am
6. Step by step
7. Dark side of your soul
8. Why don't I run away from you
9. Runnin' out of fools
10. Ain't nothing like the real thing
11. One jump ahead of the storm
12. Firtst thing in the morning
13. Talk to me
14. You need help
15. You're holding me too tight
16. One step
17. Can't take my eyes off you
18. Stay with me

Blood Brothers ~Kiki Dee (Artist)
RCA Victor (Audio CD) - May 11, 1993

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Used & New from £8.33
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Track Listing
1. Marilyn Monroe - Company
2. My Child - Company
3. Shoes upon the Table
4. Long Sunday Afternoon/My Friend
5. Bright New Day - Company
6. Marilyn Monroe [2] - Company
7. That Guy - Company
8. Summer Sequence
9. I'm Not Saying a Word
10. Take a Letter Miss Jones - Company
11. Robbery - Mickey
12. Marilyn Monroe - Linda
13. Light Romance - Company
14. Madman
15. Tell Me It's Not True - Company
Dateline Diamonds [1965]
Dd Home Entertainment
DVD - February 24, 2003

Our Price: £14.24
Used & New from £12.15
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True Love ~Elton John & Kiki Dee
Rocket (Audio CD) - December 1993

Used & New from £0.34
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Track Listings
1. True love - John, Elton & Kiki Dee
2. Show must go on - John, Elton

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