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Finest 'Arvest ~ The Wurzels
Emi Gold (Audio CD)

July 16, 2001
Finest 'Arvest  The Wurzels
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The finest band to ever come out of the West Country, The Wurzels have enjoyed a surprising amount of success during their long career, with their tales of cider (or zider, as they prefer to call it) and farming. Primarily known for the classic "Oi've Got A Brand New Combined Harvester (I'll Give You The Key)", this Best Of compilation has so much more to offer than bizarre West Country ways of proposing marriage. For starters it contains the utter classic "I Am A Cider Drinker", a drinking song to the tune of "Una Paloma Blanca", complete with hearty "Oooo-arrr" chorus. Like Ivor Biggun, this is British smutty humour at its best, with songs like the tale of the "Market Gardener", who takes his date to the garden to show her his "produce" only to hear her utter the magical words, "I'd like to take a sample of your cucumber home tonight", or the slightly dodgier "In The Back Of My Old Car" with it's scary refrain of "I'll give you an economy ride".

Track Listings
1. The Combine Harvester (Brand New Key)
2. I Am A Cider Drinker (Paloma Blanca)
3. Morning Glory
4. The Blackbird
5. Farmer Bill's Cowman (Rewrite Of I Was Kaiser Bill)
6. Drink Up Thy Zider - ADGE CUTLER & THE WURZELS
7. Twice Daily
8. Chitterling
9. All Over Mendip
10. The Champion Dung Spreader
11. Don't Tell I, Tell 'Ee
12. You Don't Get Drunk On A Saturday Night
13. My Threshing Machine hine
14. Pill Pill
15. Down The Nempnett Thrubwell
16. I Love To Swim In The Zider Zee
17. I Got My Beady Little Eye On Thee
18. Keep Yer 'And On Yer 'Alfpenny
19. The Market Gardener
20. The Back Of My Old Car
21. I Wish I Was Back On The Farm
22. Wurple-Diddle-I-Do Song
23. I'll Never Get A Scrumpy Here
24. Drink Drink Yer Zider Up
25. The Combine Harvester (2001 Remix)

Cutler of the West ~ Adge Cutler & the Wurzels
Emi Gold (Audio CD)
July 7, 2003
Cutler of the West  Adge Cutler & the Wurzels

Our Price: £6.99
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I've only been introduced to the Wurzels this year, I can't believe I nearly missed some very good stuff! This CD is a bit corny but in a very nice way. Perfect CD for a "cheer-me-up" music. The superbly dodgy lyrics are really good, mark of a genius! LOL! Can't wait to get more Wurzel music!!!

Track Listings
1. Drink Up Thy Zider (Play On)
2. The Charlton Mackrell Jug Band/Macnamara's Band/I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles
3. In The Haymaking Time/Sing Something Simple
4. Five Foot Flirt
5. Thee's Got'N Where Thee Cassn't Back'N, Hassn't?
6. Dorset Is Beautiful
7. Up The Clump
8. Drink Up Thy Zider (Play-On)
9. The Chandler's Wife
10. The Bristol Song
11. The Marrow Song (Oh What A Beauty)
12. A Pub With No Beer/Nellie Dean
13. Oh! Sir Jasper
14. The Wurple-Diddle-I-Doo-Song (The Village Band)
15. Drink Up Thy Zider (Play Off)
"Wurzels'" World ~ Mervyn Hancock
First Edition Limited

Paperback - August 2004
"Wurzels'" World  Mervyn Hancock
Our Price: £9.99
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Or from $12.29
The Wurzels are as renowned in the West Country as cider and Cheddar cheese. And now for the first time the group that has become a household name across Britain have revealed the true story of their rise to stardom from the world of farmyards and scrumpy. Their unique folk sounds, West dialects and rib-tickling lyrics have brought them national acclaim. But behind the scenes and the sounds has been a tough journey often littered with despair and heartbreak. From the early days of their founder Adge Cutler, who tragically died, to TV fame and the tub-thumping sounds of Combine Harvester, The Blackbird Song and more lately Ferry to Glastonbury, this is their story. So, Drink Up Thy Zider and enjoy the journey.

Never Mind the Bullocks ~ Wurzels
Cruisin (Audio CD)

November 18, 2002

Never Mind the Bullocks  Wurzels
Our Price: £7.99
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Track Listings
1. Rock DJ - Robbie Williams
2. You're Gorgeous - Babybird
3. Country House - Blur
4. Why Does It Always Rain On Me - Travis
5. Oo Ar Just A Little Bit - Gina G
6. Dead From The Waist Down - Catatonia
7. Tubthumping - Chumbawumba
8. It Wasn't Me - Shaggy
9. Don't Look Back In Anger - Oasis
10. Come On Santa - Wurzels
A Taste of the West ~ The Wurzels
Zenith (Audio CD)

June 28, 2004
A Taste of the West  The Wurzels
Our Price: £7.99
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Track Listings
1. Pill Pill
2. Sunny Weston Super Mare
3. Virtuet Industrial
4. Down In Nempnett Thrubwell
5. When The Common Market Comes To Stanton Drew
6. The Shepton Mallet Matador
7. The Charlton Mackrell Jug Band
8. Ferry To Glastonbury
9. Bridgewater Town
10. Rock Around The A38
11. Mevagissey
12. Good Ol Somerset
Don' Look Back in Anger - The Wurzels
Don't Look Back in Anger . The WEurzels
Our Price £3.59
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Track Listings
1. Don't Look Back In Anger
2. Morning Glory
3. I Am A Cider Drinker

They're back and in full form for 2002. Those zummerzet zider ed's the Wurzels look to storm the charts once again with this Oasis cover. Before i heard the title track i though they would of changed the lyrics, or at least "wurzeled" em up a little. Its a bit of a dissapointment as a true Wurzels fan to hear just the boring old Gallagher lyrics. Apart from the Lyrics the whole song has had a makeover. It starts of "Oasis" style then throws u straight into a proper old Wurzel tune. A good effort from the lads. The 2 other tracks are true Wurzels classics, and are sung at many pubs across Zummerzet on a Friday and Saturday night. Morning Glory is an inspired choice, considering the Oasis album that Dont Look Back in Anger come from, proof that the lads avn't lost their sense of humour. Remember - Wurzels Music is meant to be Fun, they have never wanted it to be anything else!

Combine Harvester (Techno Remix) ~ Wurzels
Emi Gold (Audio CD) July 30, 2001
Our Price 4.95
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Pure class-the sorely forgotten Wurzels are back and at their best.
Not only are they doing their bit for UK farming they have also managed to make a great track sound even better.
Get a pint of cider on the go, stick on that gingham shirt and enjoy.
Track Listings
1. Combine harvester (2001 remix)
2. Blackbird 3.
Combine harvester (original)

For all The Mangled Wurzels out there
Look Here for a mis-spelled Wurzels lyric, like The Wurzels Finest Harvest or The Wurzels Finest arvest
or The Wurzels Combined Harvester

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